What are the chances that one meets a former classmate while living abroad? Slim to none if you ask me! But in my case, those odds were extremely high. Flensburg, Germany is the first and only city I’ve traveled to since living in Berlin. We made a pit-stop in Hamburg, but that doesn’t count. 😀

Let me just explain how much this small town has to offer – the Baltic Sea, a beautiful harbor, an old-town feel, and an incredible view.
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I’ve been to Flensburg twice now, and each time has been better than the last. My good friend Subah, (also an Augsburg alumni) lives and works there, so I always have great company.

One aspect of Flensburg that I really enjoyed was the architecture and old-town feel. During my trip to Strasbourg, I also had the same feeling. Old-school, picturesque towns are very aesthetically pleasing to me. With my fast-paced, busy day-to-day life in Berlin, I like to unwind and slow down in places like Flensburg. It’s almost as if I’m stepping into a time machine. Whoop, whoop! 014 (2)
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With traveling being so inexpensive in Europe, I’m sure I’ll make another trip to Flensburg, or maybe ten. Hehe 😉