What. The. Actual. Fuck

The weekend I spent in Copenhagen, Denmark, was by farrrrrrrr the most ‘Tina’ weekend possible. If you don’t know what I mean, then please continue reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Friday afternoon. I just left work to head to the Berlin airport. My friend is getting married tomorrow in Copenhagen to her German fiance. My phone is almost dead, but I decided to wait until I got on the plane to charge it because planes always have USB outlets, right? To be honest, I don’t know if all airplanes have outlets. All I know is that there wasn’t one next to me that I could easily use, plus I was so excited for my trip that I didn’t think charging my phone would be that important. Boy, was I wrong. (500 laughing emojis)

The flight was only 45 minutes long. Once I arrived I quickly snapped a pick of the Copenhagen airport and then went to WhatsApp to get the address of the AirBnB that my friends were already at. (They flew into Copenhagen a couple hours before I did.) Next thing you know, I found a taxi, told him the address, and then he dropped me off at the AirBnB.. but I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find the AirBnB and I couldn’t see my friends. I decided to grab my phone to check the address and then it hit me, I left my phone in the taxi while it was charging. (Slapping face emoji.) I then ran as fast as a black person running from the police, but I couldn’t catch him. So now, I am lost in a foreign country with a language that is ever HARDER than german, with no phone, and no friends. This is what I meant by a ‘Tina’ weekend. I started walking around looking for my friends or someone to ask for help. I see a black man, so of course I ask him for help. Who would’ve thunk that black people live in Denmark. Hahahahah. I called a taxi to bring me back to the airport, (where I got the taxi in the first place,) to hopefully try and trace down my taxi and my phone.

I was at the airport for about 5 hours.

I tried to log into my online banking at the Customer Service station computer to find my transaction from the taxi ride, because I paid with card, but german Datenschutz (data security) is more intense than The White House security so I couldn’t log in. A very nice Danish lady helped me for the full 5 hours. She asked me to explain the area where I got dropped off, so she could try and help me find my friends. She came up with some options and told me how to take the train there to find my friends. Didn’t work, so I came back to the airport and ate Burger King. I love Burger King. I tried to remember my boyfriend’s phone number or my friends that was getting married, but I couldn’t remember anything – I was too scared. It’s so funny because at the time I was already living in a foreign country (Germany,) and I had no idea what was going on here 24/7, and now I was in ANOTHER foreign country even more fucking confused. Hahaha at least I could speak a little German in Germany, but Danish is like Chinese but super, super, super, fast. After hours of trying to come up with a plan, I finally thought to call my brother Ringo in Minnesota! Gott sei Dank, his number was the same and he answered the phone!! I remember he said he almost didn’t answer because it was a completely foreign number calling him haha. Long story short, I asked him to find my boyfriend on Facebook, add him, ask for his number, call me back, and then give me his number so I could call him and ask for my friends number that was getting married in Copenhagen. It all worked out thanks to my wonderful brother and my boyfriend chicken nugget. ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally got my friends number from my boyfriend after he added her on Facebook, and then I called her and asked for the address again. LOL. I finally made it safe to the AirBnB at around 11pm that night – oh, and I was the maid of honor. What a story huh?!??

On Sunday, before we flew back to Germany, some lovely guests from the wedding came with me to the Copenhagen police station to try and find my phone. I never ended up finding it, so I flew back to Germany and kept calling the taxi company to try and get my phone back. I never got it. My boyfriend and I sent emails to each other until I could get a new phone.

Writing about this trip makes me laugh SO much!! I mean like, so scary, but at the same time, such a funny story! My friends beach wedding was very beautiful and I really enjoyed the trip. The AirBnB came with bikes for everyone, so we biked around the city and it was an amazing time. We went to an ice-cream shop and I got Nutella ice-cream – best ice-cream in the world!! Plus Danish people speak such good English, that I really thought they were American. I also gave a wedding toast when I was already a bit tipsy, and embarrassed myself very badly – but it was beautiful and I couldn’t stop crying. Lol also very Tina like. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos, because I lost my phone in the taxi – but I hope you still enjoyed reading! ๐Ÿ™‚