Italy was everything I ever dreamed it to be.

venice 3
Venice, 2018

If there was one country that I could pick as my favorite, it would be Italy – hands down. (Besides Germany of course.) I am still in awe at the incredible beauty which is Italy. The storybook scenery, the canals, the beautiful architecture, THE FOOD, the romance, the wine.. Italy was my fairy tale come true.


My trip started out in Dublin, Ireland, which you can read about here. Proceeding Ireland, I traveled to Italy with a pit-stop in Brussels. Upon arriving in Italy a smile grew increasingly larger on my face. I felt like I was in the movie ‘Letters to Juliet.’ Everything was perfect, everything! It felt like I was in a fairy-tale.

Let me tell you, nothing beats Italian food, nothing! Domino’s, frozen pizza, home-made pizza, restaurant pizza, etc.. they will never compare to how delicious authentic Italian pizza is. It looks so simple, but it taste SO good. I probably shouldn’t be writing this when I’m hungry haha.

My friend Erin and I spent our time in Venice exploring the city, visiting the sights, eating, and taking public transport via BOAT. How insane?! Despite there being thousands of tourists during the summer peak season, Venice is hyped for a reason – it’s absolutely amazing.

After enjoying a couple days in Venice, Erin and I traveled to Verona. I would have to say Verona is equally as amazing as Venice, but has less tourists. Of course, we went to Juliet’s balcony, which was iconic. I felt like Amanda Seyfried (Letters to Juliet actress) walking through Verona, taking everything in, and loving every moment of it.

verona 2
BY FAR, my favorite picture ever! Can u say model???!

We only spent a day in Verona and then headed back to Venice. All in all, the trip was fantastic! The trains to Verona from Venice come quiet frequently and are relatively cheap. Italian espresso is amazing. Italian people are very friendly, sometimes a little too friendly. Haha I heard ‘ciao bella’ every 5 meters, but it’s a nice compliment. 🙂

One hunid percent would recommend visit Venice and Verona. I know I’ll be visiting Italy many, many, many more times.