Pierogis in Poland

Poland is BY FAR, in my opinion, one of the most underrated countries ever. Everything about my trip to Krakow, Poland was a dream come true. From the food, to the history, to the people, to the weather, to the scenery – everything was beautiful!

Let me paint a picture for you; two young American girls aboard a train from Berlin, Germany to Krakow, Poland in the midst of a hot July summer. Nine hours later, we arrived in a beautiful, multi-national, mid-evil style city. We find our way to our AirBnB and jump with joy to discover AIR CONDITIONING! We aint got air conditioning like dat in Germany, so this was a gift from God. Haha after nine hours on the train, we were quite hungry, so we decided to go to a food truck right around the corner from our AirBnb. We decided on a Mexician food truck because we are American, need I say more? The owner of the food truck was really from Mexico and used his food truck as an extra way to earn money. It was lovely to hear about his life and what brought him to Poland. I believe one of the most beautiful things in the world is when people from different cultures and countries come together and create something amazing – which is exactly what this man did. Can you just take a second to imagine the conversation between two Americans living in Germany and a man from Mexico living in Poland? Our conversation was so interesting, deep, and heartfelt. This is one of the reasons why I love international experiences, traveling, and people.

If you know me, you know I am not much of a foodie. Yes, I love certain foods, but food is not of high priority in my life. Most of the time I eat because I need to to live. No, I do not have an eating disorder, food is just not very interesting to me. If I am around yummy food, then of course, I eat almost everything in-sight. My point is, when I went to Poland, I did not stop eating for four days. Let me telllllllll you, Polish food is so delicious! My friend and I had pierogis filled with fruit and a sweet white creame drizzled over it – LAWD! It was so incredible. Everything we ate was incredible. I normally try to eat healthy and be conscious of my meals, but this weekend was something else. Everything we ate tasted like it was made by a five star chef. Unglaublich lecker 🙂 (Unbelievably delicious.)

During our trip, my friend and I went on a city tour and got to learn about Krakow’s fascinating history and we also visited the former Krakow ghetto. Standing in Zgoda Square surrounded by the chairs and taking in the monument was humbling, to say the least. At the time, I wasn’t fully aware about the atrocities that happened in the Krakow ghetto, but I purchsed a book called ‘The Krakow Ghetto Pharamacy,’ which gives detailed information on what took place in the former ghetto. (See below.)

I would highly, highly, highly, recommend this book. The things that Tadeusz Pankiewicz did to help the Jewish people of Poland is truly miraculous. People like him and his staff at the time truly make the world a better place.

Overall, I would give my trip to Krakow a 10/10. Wonderful people that were very helpful, beautiful scenery, AMAZING food, interesting culture, and life-changing history. Ever since this trip I’ve met more people from Poland and guess what?! They are incredible! My favorite bar in Berlin is a Polish bar and my incredibly hilarious German teacher is from Poland – good vibes all around.

On TOP of all of the wonderful things I experienced in Poland, the best part would be the relatively cheap prices of everything compared to Germany and America. We had dinner one night with those delcious fruit pierogis that I mentioned earlier as an apitizier, two of the best lemonades I’ve ever had in my life, a cocktail for my friend, plus two main dishes all for about 40€, krass oder?? Not to mention there was such an incredible ambience, over the top customer service, AND amazing live music!

I am obsessed. I am truly obsessed with everything about Poland. If you ever have an oppurtunity, please go check out this magical land.

Dziekuje Ci = Thank you in Polish!