Honestly, Munich or München, was the very last city in Germany that I had interest to visit. Munich was so overly hyped, that I immediately resisted the city altogether. If you know me, you know I am the opposite of main stream – if something is trendy or popular at any given time, there is a high chance I will not be interested in it. I like authenticity. I like diversity. I like weirdness. I like the low-key, special things in life. That being said, I will not totally avoid something just because it is trendy. For example, I just got the classic all white Air Force One’s for my birthday, that everyone and their mom has, but I still LOVE them.

I hope this gives you a little background as to why Munich didn’t really catch my eye for the first three years that I lived in Germany. Nonetheless, I still love traveling and enjoy experiencing as much of Germany as I can, so, in September of 2019 I traveled to Munich for one week with a friend from Minnesota.

Munich was our home base for the week because we went on two day trips – one to Salzburg, Austria, and one to Neuschwanstein Castle. Both trips were absolutely incredible! Munich was really special to me because my friend got to drink beer outside for the first time! We sat at a beautiful park, drank beer, and I did a couple handstands. It’s the simple things that make me love Germany so much.

As far as Munich goes, I can only say that it is a very beautiful, clean, and rich city. My friend and I didn’t have much contact with any locals, but I would still recommend visiting. Most women were really dressed up, most men were wearing suits, and I saw name brands everywhere. I was completely surprised because at the time I lived in Berlin, and most people in Berlin dress as homeless as possible, when they’re not wearing black. Haha

To read about our trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, CLICK HERE. Below, you can see the pure epic-ness of photos to come from my trip to this jaw-droppingly gorgeous castle.