Four months ago I embaraked on a new journey. I left Berlin after 3.5 wonderful years to start a new life in West Germany!

‘There is just something about the people in Cologne that make me love it so much.’ -Me

The people I have met from the Bonn/Cologne region are angels sent from heaven, no amp.

*Please look below for ‘no amp’ translation.

As most of you may know, I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesotas are known for their over the top kindness, you may now know why I am simply so splendid. 🙂 We really like to go out of our way to help others, and I love that! I love the feeling of making someone else smile or helping someone out without an ulterior motive.

I mention this simply because die Leute in Köln sind auch so nett! (the people in Cologne are also really nice.)

As I walk down the street, people smile at me! Just like in Minnesota! Everyone usually looks happy and will happily help each other out. This makes me feel like I am back home in Minnesota – only with a different language! Ha!

I was once at a restaurant and accident knocked over a small plant next to me. Before I could even get up to pick it up, another guest across the restaurant got up to pick it up for me!! I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised by this act of kindness. Another time my friend and I were walking around the city looking pretty lost, because we were, and a lovely women came up to us and asked if we needed help.

If you know me, you know I am very easily impressed – but the examples I just gave were truly so incredibly! These people didn’t want anything, besides to hlep us, and this is the goodness I love to see in the world. 🙂

Living in this city for almost four months now, gives me such positive vibes. I believe the people In Cologne truly have good hearts and that makes living here truly enjoyable. I absolutely LOVE Cologne!! I hope to experience many more amazing things in Cologne and meet many more amazing people.

Köln ist echt geil und total empfehlenswert. 🙂

Cologne is so amazing and totally recommendable. 🙂