2017 Recap + Life In Germany

If one would have told me that I would be celebrating living in Germany for one year, all by myself, I never would have believed them. But guess what? Next Friday marks ONE YEAR OF LIVING IN GERMANY!! Words can not explain the amount of happiness, strength, pride, and accomplishment I feel from making it abroad … Continue reading 2017 Recap + Life In Germany

5 Reasons Why Americans Should Visit Europe

I know, I know, your initial thought was "it's too expensive." But that's not entirely true. A Euro trip has numerous benefits and it's affordability just happens to be at the top of the list. Before I studied abroad, traveling was definitely something I thought was unattainable for me -  but boy was I wrong.  Affordability … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Americans Should Visit Europe

6 things I’ve learned from living abroad

Hackesche Hofe, Berlin, Germany - July 2017 1. Cut out negativity This comes in two different categories; negative influences and non-meaningful relationships. I am going to start by explaining non-meaningful relationships. For a long time, I believed in the quantity over quality type of relationships. I thought I would be "cool" and more popular if … Continue reading 6 things I’ve learned from living abroad