2017 Recap + Life In Germany

If one would have told me that I would be celebrating living in Germany for one year, all by myself, I never would have believed them. But guess what? Next Friday marks ONE YEAR OF LIVING IN GERMANY!! Words can not explain the amount of happiness, strength, pride, and accomplishment I feel from making it abroad … Continue reading 2017 Recap + Life In Germany

A Weekend In Hamburg, Germany

Click the Pin button below to save for later! Hamburg, Germany.. 'nuff said, amirite?! Before my trip to Hamburg, two of my friends couldn't stop raving about how great the city was and how much I would like it. Personally, I didn't believe them for a second. My biases for Berlin made me apprehensive about Hamburgs' greatness, … Continue reading A Weekend In Hamburg, Germany

Inside The Magic of Leipzig, Germany

Don't worry guys, I had never heard of Leipzig either before moving to Germany, but it's definitely worth checking out! Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany, located in the federal state of Saxony, with a population of 579,530 inhabitants. Leipzig is only two hours away from Berlin via Flixbus, so it's a great … Continue reading Inside The Magic of Leipzig, Germany

Berlin Night-Life

I'm just tryna twerk sum *insert dancing emoji* Sebastian was nice enough to hold my purse during my twerk session at CSD Berlin. I mean, that's what real friends do, amirite?   Open-airs, festivals, raves, all-night parties, hedonistic clubs, whatever your taste may be, I guarantee you'll find it in Berlin. There are many reasons … Continue reading Berlin Night-Life