Four. Years. Later

While I was sitting in my room today, painting my toe nails, I decided to journal while I waited for my toes to dry. I looked at the date to write it down in my journal, and realized it was the 11th of January; which means, tomorrow marks the four year anniversary of me moving to Germany, FOUR YEARS!!

Wow, has it been a rollercoaster. From being homeless and cleaning toilets for a while in Berlin, to learning German, to meeting people from all over the world, to now living my absolute best life, I could not ask for anything more.

After coming to Europe during the summer of 2014, I realized I wanted more. I loved everything about Europe and I knew this was where I wanted to be. There wasn’t much holding me to Minnesota – I did not have very meaningful realtionships and I felt quite lost there, so, I moved. I had no idea what to expect. I did not do any research on life in Germany, German culture, and I did not even know how to say ‘my name is Tina’ in German. I now realize my move was very risky and I probably should have done some research before coming – but, everything worked out it the end.

Jetzt kann ich sagen, hallo ich bin Tina und ganz viel mehr. Hihi

My life has completely changed in the past four years, and heres why.

In Minnesota, I was surviving, now, I am thriving. I love me. I feel like I belong, and I have Germany to thank for that. I have met the most amazing humans in the world here. They might not all be German, but they are all incredible. I feel so blessed to have so much love, kindness, laughter, and support in my life; which mostly comes from my amazing friends. I feel a connection, I feel a bond, I feel a sense of purpose that I have always yearned for.

I have always been very independent, but moving across the world, ALONE, definitely increased my independence. I was forced to make sure I had enough money, food, and a place to live. There was no one here to help me. I learned how to network, find jobs, HUSTLE, and never give up. At a time in Berlin, I was teaching english and working side jobs to earn enough money. Some of these side jobs included cleaning toilets like I mentioned earlier, traveling over an hour to babysit, and bar tending. At times, I did not have enough money for rent. I was scared and to be honest, sometimes I did think I should just move home and not struggle so much. But I loved living here, even if I was alone and did not have enough money. My brother helped me on numerous occusations to make ends meet. My uncle once sent me money for rent and even my boyfriend bought me grociers once when I didn’t have enough money.

All of these people are true angels, that hold such a special place in my heart. They helped me continue living my dream here in Germany and there are no words to descripe how truly thankful I am for that.

I landed a new full time job at the beginning of 2019 and everything started getting better after that. I could finally afford German classes! So, I worked during the day, and took evening German classes for about a year. My German has improved tremendously and that makes me sooooooo happy!

In the past six months, I moved to NRW, strengthened my relationship with my family, and released a lot of internal negativity. It has really been life changing. Now I just need a job hahaha. If you have any connections, please let a girl know. Lol

It has been an incredible four years.

So many amazing memories. So many amazing people.

I can not wait to see what comes next.

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