2020 Recap

Hm.. where shall I begin?


My sister was the first person in my family to visit me in Germany in January of this year – das war aber toll. I was so excited to finally introduce one of my family members to my life in Germany. It was a wonderful time and I am so happy she was able to come out & turn up for the one time! I brought in my 27th birthday with my closest friends and couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to the year.


Then there was lockdown – a difficult time for us all. It’s really hard to imagine how this type of situation will effect us; I certainly thought I would be okay because I enjoy staying home most of the time anyway, but I was wrong. I realized during these tough months how much I need human interaction and a daily routine. This time taught me how to maintain relationships without having in-person contact with my loved ones; which actually strengthened some of my relationships. I learned to love home workouts and to be more grateful for my life. Overall, it was very, very, tough for me, but I came out of lockdown with a new found appreciation for life.


May 28th, 2020 – I got fired from my job, along with about 50 other people from my company. To most this would be devastating, especially because of the current global pandemic, but I was happy about it. My partner and I had previously decided to move to the west side of Germany, and he was already there, so I took this as an oppurtunity to get my butt up and GO! I started looking for apartment in Cologne right away and was actually accepted to all three that I applied to. I spent the next two months preparing for my move and arrived in Cologne on the 4th of August!


Wow, I could not ask for a better life. It’s like everything I’ve ever wanted started to show up during the Fall of 2020.

  • After 2.5 years, my long-distance relationship was finally over and I could see my partner on a regular basis!!
  • I received unemployed benefits so I didn’t have financial worries!
  • I was enrolled in full-time German classes (100% free) and my German level skyrocketed!!
  • My partner and I got to do fun Fall activities and spend quality time together!
  • We went on our first vacation together and had our 2 year anniversary!! 🙂

I did have a bit of anxiety when I first arrived, but everything ended up working out perfectly! After living in Berlin for 3.5 years, I was pleasantly surprised to experience the kindness, openness, and friendliness of people in Cologne. I absolutely love it here! If you would like to read more about my life in Cologne, click here.

It is now the end of December. My heart is full from an amazing Christmas filled with love, laughter, and joy. I really could not ask for things to have gone better. 🙂 Also, if there is ever a time that I don’t respond to my name being called, it’s because I am wearing my AirPods and I can’t hear you. 😉 Danke schatzi hihi.

Soon, Christmas break and lockdown will be over – hopefully life will go back to normal. In the mean time, I will continue on my spiritual journey, taking German classes, and creating the best possible life for myself.

4 thoughts on “2020 Recap

  1. Lol airpods are life, the pro ones have transparent sound so you can hear your surroundings. But your year looks like it’s goin up. I can’t believe you and Jonas have been together two years now. Congrats on the anniversary!

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