Why I Deleted Social Media

Who are you without social media? Does social media dictate your thoughts, beliefs, or actions? What do you do first thing in the morning? What would you do with your time if you didn’t have social media? How does social media effect you?

In January of 2019 I permanently deleted my Facebook – I know how crazy.

Come July 2019 and, I also hit the delete button on my Instagram.

During that same month, I deleted my LinkedIn as well.

To be honest, this was an act of anxiety, but turned out to serve an even greater purpose.

Here’s a little background about myself: I love taking pictures, I love being the center of attention, I used to be really insecure, and I used to care way too much about what others thought of me. (All makes sense, doesn’t it?) I found myself waiting until a certain time of day to post a photo on IG to get maximum exposure. I would get more excited about a response to one of my photos online than a compliment in person. I couldn’t wait to post that little airplane on Facebook just so all my friends in Minnesota could see how amazing my life was in Europe.. what is life?

I moved to Germany to have more meaningful relationships and I was doing the exact opposite by focusing all of my attention online. It became harder and harder for me to enjoy my life because I wanted to post all of it online.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has a plethora of positive aspects and I don’t think documenting ones life is necessarily bad, but I do believe it was extremely detrimental for me.

Now I laugh uncontrollably with my boyfriend instead of trying to record how funny he is. Now I am so present when communicating with others. Now I fully enjoy activities instead of thinking about how I can get the best picture for the ‘gram. Now I leave my flat looking like a snaaaack and wait for people to break their necks in real life, not online. (Not that I care of course, I’m way past that, obvi. Lol) Now I focus more on my goals. Now I focus more on my aspirations. Now I am living a better life.

If you need clarification on the slang, please feel free to contact me. Hahahaha) I’m so funny.

Sure, everyone and their mom is on social media, and I might be perceived as being weird since I’m not, but I don’t follow trends, I set them. Who cares if everyone around you wants to be online, be different.

By no way am I stating one should delete social media. Like I mentioned earlier, social media can have numerous beneficial aspects, but at the end of the day, social media had negative mental and physical effects on me.

I enjoy being present. I enjoy making memories sans camera. I enjoy a sense of privacy in my life. So, for the foreseeable future I won’t be posing for the ‘gram.

P.S – I don’t know how to take a selfie anymore and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Hahaha

See ya later, alligator. 🙂




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