Enjoy The Journey

Have you ever wanted something so badly that your only focus was achieving your desire? I wanted to be happy for years.

Have you ever felt like the life you want is the complete opposite of how you feel? It’s heartbreaking.

For as long as I can remember, every part of my life was consumed with negativity. I was programmed to believe the worst in things, people, and life. Naturally, these experiences were embedded into my subconscious mind and caused me extreme amounts of pain. I’m 26 now and I just realized this. I just realized we come into this world with a pre-written script, not a blank slate. We are programmed so early on in life by vast influences, that shape our reality. This is the reason I deleted all of my social media about a year ago.

The life we live is based on our beliefs. I grew up in survival mode, so I believed with every fiber of my being that I was a hard worker and could achieve the career of my dreams. Take a glimpse at my career now, and that’s exactly what you’ll see. My point here is that I always knew I would be successful within my career, where I lived, and my education. I overcame numerous hurdles to be the first one in my family to graduate from college, but that’s because I always believed I could.

Now let’s flip the script.

For as long as I can remember, I have not been able to have successful relationships. Be that romantic, with family, or friendship based. I always thought the other person was to blame, but that does not seem right anymore. For the past year I’ve been diving hard into the world of our subconscious mind in hopes of healing my anxiety, minimal depression, and negative thoughts. I decided to take a look at reoccurring patterns in my life so I could have more awareness into my limiting beliefs. Just a couple weeks ago I realized I truly don’t believe I deserve a happy relationship or that I can have a happy relationship. My subconscious mind is creating a reality that supports these limiting beliefs, while my conscious mind just wants to be happy with a best friend and my partner. This realization changed the way I think. When I am in a situation that makes me unhappy, I ask myself if I feel like the feeling is true, or if there was some type of programming done to make me feel that way – 99.99% of the time it’s the later.

Nonetheless, we all have a decision on how we live our lives. How we react to negativity, what we put our focus on, how we treat others, etc. When it comes to the relationships I have in life, I’ve decided to do the opposite of how I feel. My mindset, beliefs, and behavior are counter intuitive to the life I want, so I’ve been trying another method that has yielded extremely positive results.

Things did not change for me overnight, like I mentioned earlier and I think this will be a battle I face for years to come, but now I believe in myself. My past experiences do not dictate my present or future. My anxiety is non-existent now, I have a lot more happier days, and my thoughts are more positive. My goal here is to somehow help someone going through something similar. I am grateful for all of my negative experiences because they have taught me so much. I truly believe life is a learning lesson that is happening for us, not to us. Take responsibility of your life and actions. Be grateful. Choose positivity. Do things that light your soul on fire. And always remember, everything will work out exactly how it should, in one’s favor.

Subconscious Mind Mastery podcast by Thomas Miller

Reality Creation by Fred Dodson

The two outlets that shaped my new perception on life. I highly, highly recommend both of them.

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