Is That Even Real?

oct 3

Unconditional love;  such a beautiful concept.


I love seeing you filled with euphoria.

I love how beautiful you are when you truly smile.

I love when you laugh so much your eyes get super small.



No matter what, you are still there.

No matter how angry I get at you, you are still there.

No matter how many times I fuck up, you are still there.



I think this defines unconditional love. A person that will stay by your side through thick and thin. A person that trembles with fear at the thought of your harm. A person that holds your heart through the toughest times in life.

Deep down I feel an in-explainable level of happiness. A new, beautiful type of happiness.

You are the person that tracks my flights to make sure I am safe.

“Yeah babe, I know your flight was delayed because I tracked it online.”

I’m sorry but that’s amazing. I’m so grateful to have someone that cares about me this much.

You are the person that puts me first, always. You are the person that treats me like family. You are the person I get so excited to be with. I adore you. Your existence makes the world a better place. Your character is an example of everything that is right in this world. Your love for others is impeccable and astounding.

I’ve always wanted a stable family. I’ve always wanted to belong. I’ve always wanted to feel safe and unconditionally loved. I have that with you. I have everything I’ve always wanted with you in my life.

I was embarrassed to write yet another post about my boyfriend because I didn’t want people to think negatively about my admiration of him, but fuck that. He deserves the praise.

I’ve wanted a strong best friend connection ever since I lost mine in high school, but maybe that’s not meant for me. Despite wonderful friendships, my image of a best friend relationship has yet to be achieved, and that’s okay.

I am a homebody and being around families makes me feel fulfilled, so maybe that’s my gift from God. Maybe the love my soul so desperately craved is meant to be from him. Maybe he was supposed to come into my life and guide me on the path to happiness, which he has.

I hope to one day find that best friend relationship I’ve wanted for so long, but if it doesn’t happen I know my life was meant to take another course to find love.

I’m so grateful.

My heart is so full.

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