What Happened Last Friday?

“Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!”

Whiskey, my chicken nugget, techno music, Europe’s most popular club, beatboxing, Jamaican people, promiscuous activity, 7am, slapping.

Maybe you are wondering what I am talking about. Maybe you are wondering how I survived. Maybe you are wondering what any of these things have in common – well let me tell you, the most amazing, spontaneous, wild, and crazy night of my life. 


We start out having dinner. Chicken nugget is here and I am so happy. Dinner includes wine (of course.) Wine turns into whiskey, 1.5 bottles of whiskey to be exact. Now we are at the bottom of the stairs.. what are we doing here? It is 2am and we are going out. Where are we going, chicken nugget? I do not know how to get there. But let’s stop and beatbox with Jamaican people. Let’s chug like my college days and have the best night of our lives. I love that night. I love us doing crazy things together and I love making wonderful memories with you.

Where can we find those rooms? There are three floors here. Is the sun really coming up? Look intense babe and DON’T smile.

Have you seen Project X? Well, imagine that European style and you will have a slight glimpse of how last Friday was. Now I understand the hype. Now I understand the popularity. Now I understand the obsession.

We get inside, excited is an understatement. We start exploring this magical place. Now we are at the bar. Now we are dancing like crazy around hundreds of people. But wait, how did we get outside? Did anyone see us? We are in the garden talking to strangers. A conversation I will never remember. Now we are at home. How did we get back? Is it really 7am.

Cheers to the best night of my life with the best human I know.

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