Berlin Night-Life

I’m just tryna twerk sum

*insert dancing emoji*


Sebastian was nice enough to hold my purse during my twerk session at CSD Berlin. I mean, that’s what real friends do, amirite?


Open-airs, festivals, raves, all-night parties, hedonistic clubs, whatever your taste may be, I guarantee you’ll find it in Berlin. There are many reasons why I love this amazing city, but the abundance of night-life activities is definitely at the top of my list.

party 5

Ready for a night out at Pearl


I’ve put together a short list of my top 5 favorite clubs in Berlin. I would definitely recommend these clubs if you wanna dance the night away. One thing to keep in mind, these clubs are tailored toward my music preferences, which are hip-hop, rap, and r&b. If you’ve ever been to Berlin, you may know my taste in music is not common in this city. Most people indulge in techno and electronic.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite clubs in Berlin.

  1. Pearl – talk about the best dancing music ever, in my opinion. I was shocked to hear Humble by Kendrick Lamar just a couple weeks after its release. If you’re trying to Millie rock, Pearl is definitely the place to go. Located in Kufurstendamm
  2. Puro – I was blown away with the view of Berlin from the 20th floor of the Europa Center in Charlottenburg (where Puro is located.) Puro DJ’s play a great mix of hip-hop, techno, latin, and German rap.
  3. Watergate – I’m normally not a fan of techno music, which is generally the only music played at Watergate, but I absolutely loved this club. It has two floors that play different types of techno and is located on the Spree in Friedrichshain. I’ll never forget dancing the night away until I saw the sun rising over the beautiful Spree.
  4. Maxxim – luckily enough, I was asked to be on the guestlist at Maxxim, so free cover and drinks at my leisure. Hip-hop from the early 2000’s is typically played at Maxxim. Located in Kufurstendamm
  5. Bricks – also a great club for my hip-hop lovers! Amazing venue located in Mitte.
  6. Matrix – younger scene, but Wednesday nights are best for hip-hop/rap music. Located in Friedrichshain

partyparty 2

Headed to Bricks with my girl Charity



  1. Wilma – I may be biased because I work here, but honestly, Wilma is a great little Irish pub where one can enjoy a beer, good conversation, and deep house music. I want to highlight good conversation because during my youth I enjoyed bars with loud music and minimal conversation, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to appreciate being able to have a conversation at a bar without yelling at the top of my lungs. And Wilma is a great spot for that. Located in the district, Wedding.
  2. Monkey Bar – more on the expensive side, but totally worth every penny. With views from the 10th floor, unique drinks, and a great atmosphere, Monkey Bar is a wonderful choice for an evening out with friends. I’m hosting a meet-up on September 22, 2017, at Monkey Bar, as the ambassador of International TEFL Academy, so if you live in Berlin, come join!! Located in the district, Zoologischer Garten.


Headed to Wilma

Late nights, alcohol, and a big city can be a dangerous combination, but with Berlin’s incredible public transportation, these issues are a problem of the past. Berlin is equipped with a very efficient underground train system (U-bahn), above ground train system (S-bahn and tram), and of course, a great bus system. On the weekends, all four of the public transportation systems work 24/7, so late night party-goers need not worry about adequate transportation.


Sick tram photo I took in Prenzlauer Berg


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